In 2008, Diwali at Federation Square witnessed the rarest spectacle when for the very first time in Victoria, important political dignitaries such as the Premier of Victoria Hon John Brumby, Lord Mayor of Melbourne Mr. John So, Consul General for India Ms. Anita Nayar and the Opposition Leader in Victoria Hon. Ted Baillieu came together on the same stage to jointly officiate the event as flower petals showered down on them.

This event ran over two weeks and received a significant recognition when it joined the Melbourne International Arts festival and held its opening concert with internationally renowned Sitar Maestro Sh. Kartik Seshadiri.

More than 40,000 people of wider background attended the event, setting a record for any ethnic organization to draw such numbers in Melbourne and making it the biggest Diwali celebration in Australia.

The 10 days long Lighting Competition was extended for homes as well along with the business which caught momentum and spread out of Melbourne to over many towns of Victoria.