The Competition is from 28th August to 10th September 2023

Rangoli – a traditional Indian art form dating back several centuries, holds great cultural significance as it reflects the spirit of festivities, joy, and togetherness. Its vibrant patterns, crafted with colourful powders and intricate designs, symbolise prosperity and welcome good fortune.
In an endeavour to preserve and promote this rich tradition and to inspire our young talents, Celebrate India Inc. announces the Rangoli Art – Facebook Competition for children aged 5 to 12 years. Participants are invited to submit their own version of a colourful rangoli design. Entry is Free and open to all Victorians.
Our judges will select two outstanding entries – one from each category. The winners will be invited to join in the Diwali Celebrations at the iconic Federation Square to receive their prizes. The winning artwork will also be used as a template for the craft Workshop for children on the day.